Children of Men Car Sequence
Alfonso Cuaron wanted to do a continuous take for this sequence...

Could it be done?

I built the car and camera rig in 3D.

Later, I got called in to build the car and organise the rig for the actual shoot.PreViz-C_of_Men.html
To show how long this has been around...

Examples from 20 yrs ago to follow!!!

Richard Loncraine was one of the first to embrace this technology.

This was done over 10 years ago- but not bad for the time?Previz-_Hyundai.html

3D Pre Viz      

Doomsday- Crack Model

for Molinare

To work out size of physical model required for periscope lens.

Ataturk Stadium, Izmir

for Molinare

Roughing out shot for equipment requirements.

Quick accurate 3D build of stadium from photographs and rough measurements.


for Hugh Hudson

Another Style...

This was done to help Andrew Saunders to get quotes on a set to be built on a back lot.

A quick 3D model with the minimum of detail to try out various camera angles in order to find the minimum build... and where CGI extension would be more economic.